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For Sale, Guanacaste, Playa Grande $89,000 - All Properties, Development Parcels, Eco-Community, Lots
10890 sq ft
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A sustainable & exclusive development in harmony with nature & local communities

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is a 380-acre ocean view community located along the breathtaking Pacific Coast in Guanacaste. It is a project that embodies the unique lifestyle that can only be experienced in Costa Rica, with its´ white sand beaches, tropical waters and exuberant vegetation. The project represents, what will be, one of the most exclusive and sustainable private communities in the country.



A project that embodies the unique lifestyle that can only be experienced in Costa Rica.

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande stands above the valley that surrounds Las Baulas National Park, located at the mystique beach of Playa Grande. This unique property offers spectacular views of the Tamarindo bay, as well as the north beaches of Ventanas, Islas Catalinas and Flamingo. The characteristic sabanas of the Guanacaste province, extending miles towards the ocean and showing a palette of golds, browns and greens throughout the seasons, are part of what one could have as an everyday view from home at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande.


Master Plan

This plan indicates a green area (generally hillside steeply sloped areas), where no development will occur and the proposed development zones where buildings can be sited and constructed. Effort has been made to ensure the green zones are contiguous with one another and can provide for wildlife corridors through the site.

Hilltop Village

These sites are located on top of or very near to the ridges located on the western portion of the side. Development will be arranged horizontally with units sharing common walls with adjacent units.

Hillside Multi-Family

Hillside condominiums, having some common walls. While not located as high on the site these development areas still may command good ocean views.

Garden Multi-Family

These units will be clustered around a proposed pond that will provide new habitat for amphibians and aquatic flora.

Cluster Single Family

Smaller single family lots clustered on hillsides and also around a proposed pond.


These four larger tracts of land are intended to provide home sites for family compounds including the ability to support up to ten houses each. The intent is to keep much of the lower land in a rural natural ranch state.

Large Lot Single Family

These larger lots can be subdivided prior to entitlements as per the existing zoning and support one dwelling unit each.

Equestrian Center / Nursery Garden

Gives the opportunity to develop grazing areas and stables to house some equestrian activities, as well as space for riding. It will also be the nursery, offering a place to cultivate landscaping materials for resale to builders..

Philosophy & Architecture

A project that embodies the unique lifestyle that can only be experienced in Costa Rica.

Architectural Concept

The Architectural Concept established for Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is a Tropical Contemporary Style, based on bioclimatic principles and sustainable development, which goal is to meet our needs and aspirations while ensuring we leave our world healthy enough so the future generations can meet theirs.

Tropical Contemporary Architecture brings a modern perspective of comfort according to the spirit of our time, allowing ourselves to live and enjoy the present. It takes advantage of technology and traditional resources to encourage an authentic tropical living style.


Housing choices influence our health and well- being in the short or long term. Proper design, construction, and material selection will lead to superior quality and durability that will provide a comfortable living environment.

Integration with natural landscape is made through shape, soft natural earthy colors and volume. Natural light and crossed ventilation, tall ceilings, terraces, front porches, balconies, interior and exterior courtyards, become architectural elements that blur the distinctions between outdoors and indoors.



In general, our project will offer shaded pathways and gardens along its roads. The Ocean Club and the Beach Club will be an ideal locations to rediscover tranquility and calm, be in touch with authentic Guanacastecan nature, meet interesting people and enjoy the local community.

Besides, there will be a 12 hectare park, devoted to family recreation for all ages, environmental education and preservation of Tropical dry forest. The Discovery Park and the commercial plaza on the main road will be open to the greater community, generating cultural and social activities.



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