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New Marina in Flamingo

After waiting 13 years from the closure of it’s marina, the community of Flamingo in Guanacaste will soon celebrate the rebirth of the marina with a new project of 200 boarding places with many facilities and related services. In the last month, a private development team received final approval from SETENA, which led to the final approval of CIMAT, for its project to build a new marina in Flamingo. The last steps before granting the concession for the new marina are minimal, and the project should continue in the coming months. Santa Cruz has already organized its new Marine Commission in preparation to oversee the development and operation of the new Flamingo Marina.
The previous Flamingo Marina began operating in 1989, before the existence of the Costa Rican Marine Law (1997), built by private individuals to promote the development of Flamingo. It was a source of great interest in the area and business activity, which was moved or disappeared since it was closed by the action of environmental authorities in 2004. The whole situation became emblematic of the problematic experience that developers can have with the government , especially after two successive attempts the naval replacement projects failed after the winners were chosen in long selection processes. The third time was apparently “the charm”, as the current team of developers is about to proceed.
The new marina and its concession area will cover the territory of the existing marina and related commercial areas will be added. The announced plan includes the construction of 200 boarding places in another location, while the dredging of the ocean floor and the preparation of other sites has been completed. When the new marina port is ready, the new boarding places will be delivered and installed in a relatively short time, allowing the marina to be operated much faster than traditional methods. In addition to the places of embarkation and the necessary services for the boats, the marina project has been planned to add a hotel, restaurants, convention room, offices, commercial premises and public parking to the commercial center of Flamingo.
The real estate impact of the new Flamingo Marina will add momentum and value to the sales of existing properties and the development of new ones throughout the Flamingo area.
Due to active demand, the Flamingo market has been running out of existing inventory to sell, even before the Navy developers were successful with approvals. You can wait to see announcements of new projects of all kinds and redevelopment of existing properties, as the new Flamingo Marina shows evidence of early construction.



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