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Playa Conchal Costa Rica Real Estate

Playa Conchal is located on the North Pacific coast, between the cities of Tamarindo and Flamingo. Conchal Beach is recognized for being full of seashells that adorn and provide an incredible landscape, and that together with its spectacular climate make it a very attractive destination for foreigners and locals. Read More about Playa Conchal Real Estate.

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What’s Your Dream? Playa Conchal Costa Rica Real Estate

The Playa Conchal area in Costa Rica is home to restaurants, shops and all kinds of activities, where you can enjoy activities as varied as a nap by the pool in the sun, surfing, hiking and exploring nature trails, sport fishing, snorkeling, golf among many others.

Playa Conchal is known for its crystal clear waters and natural beauty. The beach stands out from the others for being located in a perfect place, where you have other well-known beaches to visit very close, such as Playa Brasilito and Playa Flamingo.

Regarding Conchal Beach Real Estate and real estate conditions, Playa Conchal also has a wide variety of residential beachfront villas and luxury beachfront condominiums, where you can enjoy unforgettable moments in the company of your family and friends.

Real Estate in Conchal Beach is characterized by its luxurious houses, lots and condominiums. The southern end of Conchal real estate is mixed, with some single family homes and lots, and also some smaller condo projects in Playa Conchal. Conchal Beach has all types of residences for all tastes and budgets, luxury houses, villas, lots and condominiums are excellent residences, vacation homes or profitable investment opportunities.

Playa Conchal Costa Rica Real Estate is ideal for people looking for a beachfront tranquility or retirement in Costa Rica, with real estate in Playa Conchal being highly desirable by savvy investors.

Whether you are looking to invest in private ocean view villas and condos, luxury amenities, and impeccable service wherever you look, life is good at Playa Conchal. Get in touch with Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica today and receive all the real estate advice in Playa Conchal you require, from the process of buying or selling in Playa Conchal, information on moving to Playa Conchal, health system and coverage insurance in Costa Rica, obtaining Residency in Costa Rica, international private schools around Playa Conchal, property taxes in Costa Rica, taxes on luxury homes in Costa Rica and any other questions you may have about Playa Conchal.

Playa Conchal Real Estate offers a wide variety of luxury real estate in many styles and price ranges. You’ll find 2- to 4-bedroom condos in the $ 500,000 range and beautiful contemporary homes up to $ 2,000,000. There are also sites for homes for sale where you can make your dreams come true.

Playa Conchal Real Estate – FAQ

  • Where is located Playa Conchal in Costa Rica?
    • Playa Conchal is located on the North Pacific coast, between the cities of Tamarindo and Flamingo.
  • Can an American buy property in Playa Conchal Costa Rica?
    • Yes, a foreigner can own a property in Conchal Beach Costa Rica. The ownership rights are guaranteed by the Costa Rican constitution and apply regardless of whether the property is placed in the name of a corporation or in the name of an individual.
  • Is Playa Conchal Safe?
    • Conchal Beach is one of the safest areas in Costa Rica. You’ll hardly find any crime here apart from the typical pickpocketing.
  • How do I buy a property in Playa Conchal?
    • Contact Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica and we will help you in the process.
  • Is healthcare free in Costa Rica?
    • Yes, Costa Rica provides universal health care to its citizens and permanent residents.