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Making Your Retirement Dreams a Reality in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

main photo retiring in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed of retiring in a tropical paradise? Then stop right here, because you may be dreaming of retiring in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. An idyllic town on Costa Rica’s North-Pacific coast, in the sun-drench province of Guanacaste, Tamarindo is what many consider the perfect destination for retirement: Stunning beaches. A vibrant international community….

FAQ: What to Know About Costa Rica’s Gated Communities

Costa Rica's gated communities main photo

From condos and townhomes to single-family homes, Costa Rica’s gated communities offer a wide range of home, lifestyle, and amenity options. There’s a reason they’re popular, especially here in sunny Guanacaste! The question is, would one of Costa Rica’s gated communities be right for you? The answer is guaranteed to be very personal: What’s right…

Lucky 7: The Top Gated Communities for Families in Guanacaste

main photo gated communities for families in Guanacaste

When it comes to choosing the top gated communities for families in Guanacaste, it isn’t easy: Our region is home to a wide array of incredible gated communities, each with its own distinct benefits, amenities, and lifestyle draws. But we have to start somewhere! So, as we assessed each area community, we considered the following…

Sportfishing Guide to Guanacaste: Species, Seasons & Marinas

It’s no contest: Costa Rica and, specifically, Guanacaste sportfishing offer some of the most record-breaking, tall tale-spinning, world-renowned inshore and offshore fishing opportunities in the Americas. How’s that for an intro? And yet, it’s all true: Costa Rica is not only an incredibly popular sport fishing destination, but our specific area – that is, central…