Costa Rican Fish for Sale: Your Guide to the Fish Monger, the Market & More

Whether you prefer to buy your fish at the grocery store, the central market, a fishmonger, or right off the pier, shopping for Costa Rican fish species can be an adventure. There’s the language barrier, to start with. Because, even when you’re fairly fluent in Spanish, you’re probably not completely fluent in fishy common names….

‘Tis the Temporada: Christmas and New Year’s Traditions in Costa Rica

Christmas at the beach

There’s nothing quite like Christmas in Costa Rica: tamales and sparkling lights, ocean breezes and mascaradas, fireworks on the beach and portales… And if any of those made you wonder “what’s that?”, then this one’s for you! Because here in the tropics, these end-of-year holidays coincide with the best weather of the year – the…

Costa Rica Closing Costs: What to Expect and How Much You’ll Pay

calculate Costa Rica closing costs

Buying a home – especially a home abroad – is simultaneously one of the most important and most exciting decisions you’ll make in life. So, as with any life-altering decision, you’re doing your research. You’re knocking out your initial due diligence. And you’re at the point where you’re running the numbers, which brought you here:…

Let’s Talk Beer: 10 Craft Breweries in Guanacaste (Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, & Liberia Areas)

list of breweries in Costa Rica Guanacaste

For many years, the craft beer boom has been growing slowly and steadily in the United States and Canada. If you have a heart for hops and a craving for craft, then we’ll bet you already have a favorite list of microbreweries from “back home.” Now, we’re putting 10 craft breweries in Costa Rica on…

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