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Allan Blanco: Concierge Services

Allan Blanco
Concierge Services
Local: (506) 2653-4668
Toll Free: 1-866-670-0258

Allan was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. He was the youngest of all his brothers.  At the age of 8, his parents decided to move to New Jersey where his Dad was working at the time. He attended elementary and high school in the States. After almost 12 years in the States his dad fell in love with Costa Rica again and decided to move back. Allan came on a 2 month visit and found it hard to leave the country also, so he decided to head back to the states and finish his senior year of high school. After finishing high school a couple months later, Allan decided to give  \Costa Rica another chance with some help from his parents in 2013. Since then Allan has only visited the states just once. He has found that he can get used to the relaxing lifestyle of Costa Rica and the amazing food and beautiful beaches.

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