The Costa Rica School System boasts that it has more teachers than policemen. Additionally, many of the rulers of Costa Rica have been educators; therefore, they have placed great importance in the expansion of primary and secondary education, even in the most remote areas in the country. Thanks to the ongoing reforms, the Costa Rica School System has a 93% literacy rate.


Primary education in most Costa Rica Schools lasts for almost six years. Costa Rica High School might require five or six years, the latter years are for the development of technical or professional skills. At the end of high school, Costa Rican students will receive a title in Science. The system is applied to all public schools in Costa Rica. However, there are also private grammar schools and high schools, which utilize European and American systems. There are many laws that assure the integrity of the school system.

In 1869, Costa Rica became the first country in the world to not only require education, but also make it free. This fact is expressed by Article 78 of the Costa Rican Constitution. In Article 79, it guarantees the freedom of education. This means that educational institutions may confer grammar school and high school degrees. Moreover, students in public schools are required to wear official uniforms in order to lessen the economic and social distinctions between students.

Costa Rica education adapts with the times. A recent president in Costa Rica declared the teaching of Computer Science and English to be mandatory in all the public schools in the country. As a result, 500 more teachers were promptly trained.


Apart from public schools, there are many private school options in the Costa Rica School System. There are North American, German, and Japanese Schools. The explosion of private schools and foreign schools in the country has helped ease the burden of over-enrollment in public schools, as they have provided an alternate educational system for those students who can afford to go to private schools.

Country Day is an American School in Costa Rica that was founded in San Jose in 1963 and caters to students ranging from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Country Day School in Costa Rica is one of the most well known American schools in Costa Rica. This school is geared towards students that speak English as their first language; however, some students who do not know how to speak English are accepted on a conditional basis. Country Day is located in Escazu, very close to the Escazu Central Park. There is also a campus in Guanacaste in the town of Brasilito. Country Day School Guanacaste was founded in 2002 and has a beautiful campus with great facilities. It also offers boarding for students.

La Paz Community School is a newer school in Guanacaste, specifically Flamingo Beach. La Paz was founded in 2007 and offers great education to students from Pre-K to 11th grade. The school is 100% bilingual. It is also a non-profit school that offers scholarship programs to students that cannot otherwise afford a private school education. There are currently 180 students enrolled in La Paz from Costa Rica, USA, Europe.

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