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Top 10 Things I love about Guanacaste

16 Top 10 Things I love about Guanacaste

I’ve lived in Costa Rica for ten years full time and I’ve been coming to this amazing country since I was born (thanks to my mom). I’ve seen many changes over 30+ years and I feel lucky that I get…

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A Guide to Costa Rica Fiesta Street Food

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When you see a flurry of workers setting up a transportable bullring, you know the fiestas are rolling into town – and with them, come the street food vendors. Here are some of the finger-licking street food options you can…

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Top 10 Shark Species at Cocos Island


The protected waters surrounding Cocos Island, located 340 miles off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, are home to more than nine shark species — of which zero want to eat you. Sharks here are completely uninterested in snacking on…

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