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Building with Light Weight Steel Frame in Costa Rica, Part I


Building with Light Weight Steel Frame in Costa Rica, Part I by Becky Clower   As I enter my 11th year of living in Costa Rica, I continue with my love of building with steel frame. Since 2006 I have built…

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Tico Slang—Top 15 sayings!

Tico Slang—Top 15 sayings! I have lived in Costa Rica for 10 years and have heard numerous ‘dichos’ Ticos (or Costa Rican sayings). This is an article dedicated to my personal top 15. I actually started with 10, but they…

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Top Private Schools in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Private Schools Gu

La Paz La Paz Community School is an international, Baccalaureate authorized, non-profit, bilingual preschool through high school. La Paz offers many unique qualities such as its dual language program, morning peace meetings, IB program, and community farmers markets. Their philosophy…

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Faroles: A Festival of Lights


Faroles: A festival of lights “Long live patriotism! Long live liberty!” Faroles is Spanish for lanterns – more specifically, handmade lanterns made of colorful cardboard or paper with a dainty little candle set inside. Each year in September, these lamps…

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